Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy without ligation of the Santorini’s venous plexus: our experience

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Is the ligation of Santorini‚Äôs dorsal venous complex necessary?. The retrospective evaluation of video-laparoscopich radical prostatectomy performed at UOC of Desio with this technical , showed an increased blood loss compared to a technique that provides for the ligation of Santorini’s plexus and, overall, reduced blood loss compared with the average radical open prostatectomy.
200 video-laparoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomies were evaluated, which were performed with the same technique and by the same operator. The technique involves the non-ligation of Santorini’s venous plexus. Surgical, oncological, functional outcomes were considered and in particular blood loss.
The results are consistent with those reported in literature, and without ligation of the Santorini’s venous plexus , there has been no increase in blood loss intra-and / or post-operatively, or in the percentage of patients with hemotransfusion.
The video-laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, although a not yet codified and standardized technique for the treatment of organ-confined prostate cancer, did show oncological and functional results basically l similar to open-sky technique. But compared to this, it has certainly demonstrated a lower blood loss and a reduction of morbidity. The non ligation of Santorini’s venous plexus, always necessary during open prostatectomy, in our experience is not necessary in video-laparoscopy

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