Roberto Sanseverino1, Oliver Intilla1, Umberto Di Mauro1, Giovanni Molisso1, Tommaso Reafonso1, Carmine Cicalese1, Giorgio Napodano1
  • 1 Ospedale Umberto I - ASL Salerno, U.O.C. Urologia (Nocera Inferiore)


We report a case of a patient undergone a laparoscopic repair of iatrogenic colon perforation after percutaneous nephrolithotripsy.A 48 years old male underwent a percutaneous right nephrolithotripsy for a large renal stone. Postoperatively, the patient complained abdominal pain. An abdominal CT was suspected of bowel perforation. The patient underwent a laparoscopic repair of colon perforation. A transperitoneal approach was performed; four laparoscopic ports were inserted. A nephrostomy tube was identified; It passed throughout right colon and went into kidney pelvis. Colon was isolated. A double lesion was seen on anterior and posterior colon wall (in and out hole). A colorraphy was realized with a double suture on posterior and anterior wall. A renorraphy was performed with Vicryl suture arrested with HemOlok. After performing an abdominal wash, two drains are placed. Operative time was two hours. No transfusion was required. No postoperative complications were encuntered. Patient was discharged on day 10. Acute colon perforation can be safely managed with laparoscopic repair without requiring resection or diversion.